Backpacks for All Students

Interim Superintendent Anna Shepherd announces that Appalachian Regional Healthcare is donating backpacks for students in Floyd County Schools.

Shepherd says, "Thank you ARH! This organization is providing backpacks for every student in Head Start and Preschool through 4th grade! We truly appreciate the community champion that ARH has been and continues to be for our students.” 

Shepherd continues, “Floyd County Schools will continue providing backpacks for students in 5th - 12th and our board voted to provide all consumable school supplies this year for all students. We are happy that our families will not have to be concerned with backpacks, school supplies or devices for their children this upcoming school year.”

Shepherd concludes saying, “ In order for our children to experience more success, we all have to be working together. We hope to build stronger relationships with our families and community members this school year and let them know how much we value their input and their support.”