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Principal's Message

Being part of a new school that focuses on college or career pathways for students is a blessing! My favorite part of being an educator is seeing students have those lightbulb moments when they understand the concept and how it is applicable. Helping students realize their current goals, make plans for their futures and see why education is relevant to them are three of my goals as a teacher/administrator and for our school.

FCSI students can find their fit by taking courses in their chosen pathway and gain real life hands-on experiences. Our students have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding and desire to go into their chosen  field or maybe change their minds about the fields before graduating. That’s what FCSI is all about: student experiences and opportunities to transition into the world of the work force or to college. 

FCSI  students design, create, and build their ideas in engineering and computer science. Students in heavy equipment train on equipment and safety protocols to be ready to enter the workforce. 

If you have any questions about FCSI, email me at christina.crase@floyd.kyschools.us